Penny the Celebrity Poodle

I've had lots of time this weekend to catch up on reading my favorite blogs.  On Thursday, Bakerella posted quite the unexpected surprise!  Not just because she hung out with Blake Lively while she was in New York or the fact that Blake loves to bake.  The biggest surprise was seeing a current picture of Blake's Maltipoo, Penny!

You may remember when I was looking for my perfect pup on the internet, I wanted a chocolate brown Maltipoo like Penny.  I had seen a picture of Blake and her puppy and was just smitten!

Surprisingly, Penny has lightened up a lot since her puppy days.  I was told that Maltipoos get lighter as they age and when you look at the pictures below you can see how light Miles has gotten since he was little.  While I was googling older pictures of Penny, I ran across a picture of her when Blake first got her... and she's red!  I never realized she had red in her!  I was told that Miles' dad was a red poodle and that is where he got his shade of apricot.  If you want anything other than a white Maltipoo, you need one with some red since that is obviously where their color comes from.  Look how similiar Penny and Miles look when they were younger.  Since Penny is a teacup, she kept her short ears and has more of the Maltipoo face.  Miles has long legs and more of a Poodle face.  Wouldn't they make a cute couple?  


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