The 1st Bake of Christmas

I'm in the mood to bake.  And to decorate.  And to package all my goodies and give them away this Season.  To neighbors, co-workers, family and friends and even doggies.  Yes, I have all my bases covered this year.

I'm starting the Holiday baking frenzy off with something easy - a gift for the neighbors.  Every year I have good intentions to bake for the neighbors but never get around to it.  So this year I decided to start early and split up the baking.  I figured most will appreciate a healthy baked good especially when sweets are too easy to come by this time of year.  I found this yummy recipe for Coconut-Cranberry Muffins from Cooking Light.   Their recipes always seem to turn out great.

I have six neighbors to bake for, but instead of making all the muffins at once I decided to spread it out over the next week.  The batch I made today made 14 muffins, filling up two boxes for the neighbors and leaving four for us.

In a couple of days, I'll double the recipe and take the remaining gifts and we'll have some more fresh muffins for breakfast.  Plus it's nice to have time to talk to the neighbors as we deliver the gifts and not to be in a rush to deliver all of them in one evening. 

I tied a ribbon around the box and added a Christmas card since I had extras this year.  I think in years past I was always concerned with making something elaborate and missed the whole point.  I hope this simple gift is received for what it is.  A small act of kindness for those closest to home.


  1. Melissa, I think our neighbors are our greatest mission field. I try every season to make a little "happy" for them. Its just a simple way to show God's love in a practical way.


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