Candid Camera

One of my friends switched to the iPhone this week.  Every time I think back to life before the iPhone, I remember how annoying it was to have to delete a photo before saving a new one.  There's a dozen things to love about my iPhone, but being able to keep hundreds (and I'm assuming thousands) of pictures is a favorite!  I frequently send my sister a picture of an outfit for her approval or text my mom a picture of an antique asking for her opinion...

Right now I have around 350 pics saved on my phone.  When I scroll through them I see shoes, clothes, furniture, home decor, my nephews and niece, and... lots and lots of Miles.  He has quite a personality and at least once a week we find ourselves grabbing our phones to catch him in the moment - whether it's some hilarious pose he's in or some ridiculous arrangement of toys he's left behind.

One night he was hanging out with Mandy and she happened to catch these series of pictures.  She had bought a stuffed animal that day for a baby shower gift and had set it on her desk.  The next time she walks in her room, she grabs her phone in time for these...

I want that.
If I sit, maybe I'll get it.
Somebody help me.


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