New Season, New Look

The calendar says fall is officially here and today I actually believed it.  We had our back doors open all afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed the mid-seventies weather.  I'm not sure I've ever been so excited to see fall arrive as I have been this year.  Did you know this summer was the hottest Memphis summer since 1850?  Pretty impressive.

In addition to the arrival of the new season, my blog has undergone some changes this weekend.  Shortly after I created my blog, I decided if I was still blogging after a year or so I would look into adding a unique design to my blog.  Over the last year my blog has slowly evolved including a name change earlier this year.  A custom design was next on the list but the hardest part was finding the right designer.  Fifteen months and 105 posts later, I finally found a blog designer I love after seeing one of her designs on my friend, Natalie's cute blog.  Marina at Penny Lane Designs was the perfect fit for my blog.  She even named her graphic design boutique after one of her Maltese pups - a girl after my own heart =)

Marina's website is very informative and organized which made it very clear what my design options were when placing my order.  I like all of her designs!  Click HERE to view some of her recent blog makeovers.  You can check out my new look at Mel's Meadow.


  1. Melissa, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new look. I'm thinking I don't have time for all this blog tweaking anymore and I just love all the pre-fab work over at Penny lane. Thanks for the great tip. She is very reasonable. I wonder if our friend would like one of her looks. That would be a wonderful stop gap don't you think?
    I'm not making great progress with her overall LOOK but I do think the blog format will serve her well for a while. Beautiful blog girly! I need to cook your one-dish wonder some time soon too.

  2. Thank you for the sweet post! Happy blogging!


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