Blue Monday

This summer I've been on a lemonade kick.  I think I've tried practically everyone's lemonade in town.  I think before all of our warm weather leaves I'll have to try this twist on my favorite drink.

This month Tiffany & Co. launched a collection of handbags that bears their signature robin's egg blue on every handbag.  This article I read in the Wall Street Journal said the handbags will be replacing the crystal and fine china that used to fill every Tiffany & Co. store.  It's interesting that handbags are now more popular than fine china.  Gone are the days of fancy dinner parties and porcelain teacups (sigh)... These days handbags are all the rage.  Even though I won't be purchasing any of these $$$$ designer handbags, I can appreciate their style.  I wonder if these handbags come in big blue boxes?

Love the Tiffany blue lining!

This crocodile bag has a touch of blue on the hardware.

Today I received a save-the-date card in the mail from Bryant's cousin.  She is getting married in March of next year under the blue skies of Gulf Shores, Alabama.  This will be my first destination wedding to attend.  I can't wait!


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