Bryant made it home in time to see Miles' stitches before he got them taken out the next day. After 10 days with staple stitches, the vet said everything looks good and he is healing up real well. He wasn't the only one who had to get stitches this week. If you look real close in the picture, you'll notice "Lamby" was stitched up on the very top of his head. This is the second time that Miles has chewed a hole in his favorite toy. Amanda says he was just trying to show us what the groomer has been doing to him :(


  1. I'm so glad that your cute dog is ok!! It is so funny how dogs can get so attached to toys. I stitched up our dog's favorite toy (a stuffed pig with a box inside the "oinked") so many times and then finally gave up and let her pull all the stuffing out so now "pig" is just a shell. Hope Miles makes a full recovery soon.


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