This week we celebrated 8 years of marriage! On our anniversary Bryant took me to The Beauty Shop for lunch. We've been many times for brunch and dinner, but this was the first time for lunch. I think my favorite part of that restaurant is its cute name. And, of course, their yummy coconut cake. That night we went to Jerry's Sno Cone for the first time this summer. Bryant used to cut the grass for the Cliftons, the previous owners of Jerry's, in exchange for sno cones. When we were dating, Bryant would take me to Jerry's and we would sit at the table out front and enjoy our cherry sno cones. This was 9 summers ago when they still had tables out front and shorter lines at the window... Rewind a few months prior and I still remember the day in February when I was sitting in my dorm room reading an email from Bryant asking if I wanted to go to Jerry's with him one night when I got back in town. I remember saying out loud, "Yes, I do."

And we did. And here we are celebrating #8.







Happy 8th Anniversary, my love. If I hadn't found you, I'd be forever looking.


  1. sweet! happy anniversary! i miss the short line at jerry's. i have been going there my entire life and i have never seen lines like they have now. it almost makes me sad, bc i liked it when just a few ppl knew about it!

  2. Congratulations on your 8 year anniversary...you and Bryant look so happy together. I loved seeing the pictures throughout the years.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! You two were made for each other! You both are too adorable for words. Miss you!

  4. Snowcones sound great in this heat! No Jerrys in Vegas though, there is a serendipity...
    Happy Anniversary-also love the happy photos throughout the years


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