Father's Day Picnic

Yes, Father's Day was last month but summertime always flies by, and this year has been no exception. So I'm just now getting around to sharing these pictures. Boy, do I love a dinner party! And I have just as much fun planning them as giving them. When I was planning our dinner for Dad, I went for the complete opposite of Mother's Day. There was nothing fancy about Dad's day - just a relaxed indoor picnic with paper plates and Dixie cups. We actually had two dinners for two dads. I didn't take any pictures of round 1 - I guess I was too busy cooking! We had Bryant's Dad's dinner Friday night as nine of us gathered around our six-person table. It's always fun when my in-laws come over for dinner; Bryant and I are quite used to cooking for 11 now (when the whole gang is there). We missed you Sean and Leah!

We had six the next night for my Dad's dinner. I wanted a simple menu with a little charm so I went with Mini Burgers. Since Father's Day comes in June and a few weeks before the Fourth, it has that All-American feel to it and so did our menu. Take a sharpie to a piece of cardboard and finish with a ribbon to show Dad what's on the menu.

Bryant grilled out both nights. It's one of his favorite things to do. What a cutie.

The mini burgers were a big hit!

Fresh flowers are a must for any dinner party. I used IZZE glass bottles to hold red Gerber Daisies for a no-fuss look on the table. Peel the labels off the bottles and soak in hot water to remove the stickiness. Plus these make a great party favor- everyone took home a daisy in a bottle.

For Dad's place setting at the head of the table, I used a yellow Lily from our backyard in a San Pellegrino glass bottle. Bryant is obsessed with these little mineral waters + I love green glass vases = a great idea at no cost. (Bryant are you reading this?)

Happy Father's Day, Dad! You bring sunshine everywhere you go- even to indoor picnics.


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