Recent Ups and Downs

I copied Lauren's Ups and Downs title for today's post. It just fit so well.

Down: I got some bad news this week regarding a client from work.
Up: The Lord had been preparing me for it for quite some time.

Down: One of our hot water heaters went out.
Up: We have a home warranty.

Up: We have a home warranty through a reliable company, Nationwide.
Down: Come to find out, Nationwide is not on your side.

Down: They refuse to replace the hot water heater.
Up: We have an emergency fund.

Down: Our Air Conditioning unit went out this week.
Up: We have a home warranty.

Down: Nationwide won't return our calls or emails about the A/C.
Up: We have a large emergency fund.

Up: I spent the night at my parents' house last night.
Down: Their A/C is out too.

Up: I finally got a Costco card this week to save money.
Down: I spent $186 my first visit.

Up: We have put some beautiful landscaping in our yard the past couple of months.
Down: We don't have a sprinkler system.

Up: We are going to the beach next week.
Down: The oil is waiting for us.


  1. Wow! Glad you have an emergency fun! And yes, I never get out of costco in under 3 digits. But I haven't had to buy laundry detergent in MONTHS and my toilet paper lasts forever, too.

  2. Melissa,
    This post is Hilarious! I loved it and I love you!

  3. When I got home, I realized the t.p. I bought had a ton more rolls than I thought :) It should last awhile.

    Les, I love you too! And was so sad I missed out seeing you yesterday! But the A/C guy spent over 4 hours at our house.


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