Two Favorites: Mom and Brunch

For Mother's Day I thought it would be nice to have my mom over for brunch after church instead of taking her out to eat. My dining room is by no means finished - pictures still need to be hung and fabric picked out for curtains. That will actually be my next project on the house. Nevertheless, I decided to go ahead with my plans for brunch. This is only my second house, but I have learned if you wait for your home to be "finished", you'll never be a hostess.

I had a fun time picking out the decor for the table. I was inspired by this centerpiece I saw at Country Living.

Isn't it lovely? It makes me smile. What a great idea to paint it pink in honor of Mom. I found this vintage birdcage at Sheffield Antiques Mall and thought it looked lovely as is. After I brought it home, I found a permanent place for it in my den so I won't have to wait for the next brunch to enjoy it.

I figured a brunch for Mom was the perfect time to pull out my fine china and white linens. To make her feel special I put a peony by her place setting. Bryant and I just discovered 3 peony bushes in our backyard! I was so glad one of the blooms held out until Mother's Day.

Amanda and I decided on the brunch menu. This plate from Southern Living was a wedding present and always makes for a good conversation piece.

Bryant prepared the chicken and sausage - he's such a good cook! He also made the tastiest and cutest little brunch potatoes ever! I told him I wanted roasted potatoes similar to homestyle fries you see at most breakfast places but didn't want to serve ketchup with them (remember those white linens). Amanda made the bacon-and-egg casserole and fruit punch. The light pink colored punch went well with our theme.

I envisioned the chicken biscuits assembled so here is another image to give you the complete picture.

Nothing goes better with biscuits than jam. Wanting to keep the look of the table clean, I grouped the jams together on this square white plate from Williams Sonoma. I'll be able to use this simple accent plate for parties to come.

For dessert I wanted something light and fruity and the Meyer Lemon Squares were just right. And Mom LOVES lemon.

I thought the table turned out very sweet.

But as pretty as the teacups, ribbon and roses were, nothing at the table was as lovely as Mom.

Happy Mother's Day! We love you!


  1. I bet your mom felt so special! Great job - pretty and southern!

  2. Everything looked amazing!! What a great idea, and I would guess, something your mom will remember for a long time!

  3. Glad you found me on here! I love your table setting for your brunch! Super cute!


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