White Tulips

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks that B has been at aerial refueling training school. He was scheduled to have his check ride today which means he would be home tomorrow night. But due to the usual maintenance issues with the C-5, his ride has been postponed. It should be just a couple of more days until he gets back, but I have learned to have no expectations when it comes to homecomings.

One thing I always remember when he is out of town is something my mother-in-law told me a couple of years ago. She said in times of war the military wives would pick up flowers at the market to keep their spirits up when their husbands were away. There was something about bringing the fresh cut flowers into their homes that elevated their moods.

Ever since I heard that story, I make it a point to pick up a bunch of blooms if B has been gone for more than a week. I never get a big arrangement; I prefer the simplicity of just a couple of stems. Today I picked up these white tulips at the Kroger in Germantown for $3.99.


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