Friday, April 30, 2010

Vote the Date: May 4

Yesterday was the last day for early voting, but if you didn't make it don't worry. Be sure to mark May 4, which is next Tuesday, on your calendar. We need to get out and support the candidates that have conservative values and believe in small government and less taxes. Getting out and voting also sets the tone for the mid-term elections this November.

Because this is a primary election, it is more difficult to know who to vote for. The Shelby County GOP won't be sending a mail out with suggestions on who to vote for. Bryant took the time to research the candidates and wrote down each position with who we were voting for. I am sharing it here to encourage you to vote on May 4. You can also go to the Shelby County GOP website and look up each candidate.

For County Mayor, we support Mark Luttrell
For County Sheriff, we were considering 2 candidates, we decided on Bobby Simmons

For Probate Court Clerk, we support our friend and Republican Paul Boyd
For County Commission District 4, Position 2 - Wyatt Bunker. Wyatt is in our Bible Fellowship class, and submitted a proposal last term to reduce property taxes by $3M.

Here are a few others:
For Trustee, David Lenoir
Register, Tom Leatherwood
County Clerk, Wayne Mashburn
Criminal Court Clerk, Kevin Key
County Commission District 4 Position 1, John Pellicciotti. Pellicciotti is very outspoken against consolidation.
County Commission District 4 Position 3, Terry Roland

Some positions such as Circuit Court Clerk and Juvenile Court Clerk only have 1 candidate running, so they will obviously be elected. If Bryant and I don't know enough about a candidate, we will not vote for them just because they are the only one running. For example, Bunker's proposal to reduce property taxes was turned down by two Republicans, Mike Ritz and Mike Carpenter. Mike Ritz is the only one running for County Commission District 1, Position 1. If he is in your district, do not vote for him.

Also, Mike Carpenter is running against Joe Baier for County Commission District 1, Position 3. Do not vote Carpenter. Vote Joe Baier. Officials must be held responsible for their decisions in office, even if they are "Republicans."

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