Saweet Cupcakes from San Antonio

My recent spring break trip to San Antonio wouldn't have been complete without sampling a cupcake or two from the heart of Texas. Sunday afternoon Bryant and I googled some local cupcake shops and found Saweet Cupcakes, a mobile cupcakery.

When we called to check their hours, they were already packing up for the day but told us we could find some of their cupcakes at SoGo Market Cafe & Takeout. When we pulled up to the cafe we saw this pink van parked in front.

Isn't that a cute idea? Saweet Cupcakes bakes their cupcakes out of SoGo's kitchen and sells them around the city in various locations. They have a weekly schedule on their website. I read they don't use preservatives and bake their cupcakes daily so they're fresh off the van.

I was so glad they had a Strawberry with Strawberry Frosting and Bryant chose the Dark Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting. I love the perfect dollops of frosting on top.

Oh my, that was the best strawberry cupcake ever. The strawberry frosting was almost identical to the frosting at Muddy's Bake Shop. And they have the best frosting! I liked Saweet Cupcakes' strawberry cake better because it wasn't as sweet as Muddy's and had real strawberry pieces in it. The Dark Red Velvet cake was kind of dry. I felt bad for B because all he got was one bite of mine. I tried to convince him to get a strawberry to go for later. But then I probably would have confiscated that one too. It was THAT good!


  1. Okay at the moment I'm strongly averse to all things cake, cupcakes, baking, and most sweets of any kind etc., but as soon as I'm back in the game, I think I'll try doing this very cute dollop on my cupcakes!

  2. Yes, you should and let me know how difficult it is or isn't.


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