1 Weekend with 2 Boys and 8 Supervisors

It's amazing how much energy little boys have. My nephews came to visit a couple of weekends ago and I think I'm still recovering. We had a blast and didn't stop for 4 days straight. On their last night in town we were sitting around the table at about 9:30 p.m. when Bo asked if he could run around the neighborhood again like the night before. After an action packed day, he managed to run non-stop for half a mile. It was something like 10 laps around the circle in front of my parents' house. And we thought we had kept them busy... Here's a recap of our long weekend together.

Thursday afternoon they came over to my house for lunch and I gave them a tour of our new home. I was glad to see the swing set that the previous owners left in our backyard was a big hit, especially the see saw.

After Bo found the sea saw he emphatically said, "Aunt Missy, I think you made a good decision (on buying this house)." I love that he didn't care at all what the inside looked like; the swing set in the backyard sealed the deal for him :)

Max showed what a tough guy he is by hanging on for several minutes. He is our meat and beans eater.

Friday, we spent the day at the zoo. Didn't take any pictures- guess we were too busy looking at all the animals. Saturday we had a picnic at the Collierville Town Square. It was such a pretty day and the boys got to see 2 coal trains come by. They also loved getting to look inside the trains parked on the tracks.

A little further down they found a red caboose!

Bo even got a peek at where the train engineer sits.

Sunday after church we had an Easter egg hunt for the boys. Our backyard has lots of good hiding places.

Max was delighted to find an egg in each of the painted pots on our table.

After the hunt, Bo broke out his tee ball set and got a few swings in.

For halftime, B and M enjoyed cupcakes and a glass of milk on the patio.

I guess the sugar made everyone hyper because after the snack what started as picking up a few pine cones and bean pods turned into full-out yard work. We raked 2 large trash bags of pine needles with the help of 4 little hands in big gloves. Uncle Bryant was most impressed :)


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