You Know When...

You know you are married to a pilot when...

1. You get a text first thing in the morning that says, "Hey we diverted into Turkey. Call u later. xo" and you think nothing about it.
2. When your phone rings, you start sprinting across the house to answer it.
3. You always answer calls even if the caller ID says, "Blocked" or "Unknown".
4. Your attic is filled with suitcases, duffle bags, overnight bags and backpacks.
5. You never commit to any plans more than a few days out.
6. Others assume you are a student or have a night job when they see you out bumming it with your hubby during the work week.
7. You get asked often if you are scared.
8. You have a love-hate relationship with Skype.
9. You rarely fight or bicker with your spouse because frankly, there's just no time for it.
10. You say more hellos and goodbyes then anyone you know.


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