Ten Reasons to Love Texas

1. Cowboy Boots!
2. A never ending supply of Mexican food.

3. Shopping, shopping and more shopping!

4. Conservative values. Strong tea parties across the state.

5. BIG trucks everywhere you look.

6. Lots of land for everyone. I think I'm going to move to Texas and get a "ranch".

7. Great weather and tons of outdoor recreation.

8. You don't have to register your firearms. Bryant loves this since it's not the government's business how many guns you have.

9. Southern Hospitality.

10. Proud and supportive of the military.


  1. And most importantly: Chuy's and Central Market!

  2. I told Bryant about Chuy's and he might check out their mexican food while he's in town! We were looking for a Fresh Market when I was there. Maybe the CM will be a good place for B to pick up a few groceries.

  3. You are the last person in the world I see "getting a ranch." :) The boots are cute though!

  4. Ha! Candace, that is pretty funny. Bryant has slowly converted me from being an all out city girl to actually enjoying nature somewhat. I think when we discussed having a "ranch" one day, B was thinking of horses and chickens and I'm picturing more of an estate!

  5. 11. Karlie, one of my favorite brands Sachi carries, is based out of Dallas, TX. The owner Charlie Brown is awesome--a great Christian man who loves life, his family, God and fashion. One more reason to love TX!

  6. Central Market kicks Fresh Market's b-u-t-t. It is truly an experience and all other groceries now look only so-so to me. Ha. Seriously though! I hope he can find one and shop there.


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