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I've watched my mom over the years send out many emails for her Bible Fellowship class at church. Besides sending out a weekly email with prayer requests, she will also coordinate meals or flowers from time to time for those families who have experienced a sudden illness or recent death in the family. And quite an administrative task it is to coordinate all the details that go into taking someone a meal. Your inbox becomes bombarded with replies and questions - who, when, what time, and where do I drop it off?

Our Bible Fellowship group mostly takes meals to new parents but is also taking meals to a dear friend who is battling cancer right now. But instead of the usual back and forth emails, the meal coordinator set up the schedule online at www.takethemameal.com. Take Them a Meal is a free online site that removes all of the busy work for the coordinator. Instructions, directions and even food allergies can be included on the website for all to see when signing up.

This is actually the second website I've used for taking a meal, but I liked the layout of the meal schedule on this site the best. It shows the name of the person taking a meal, a contact number and what they plan to bring. What a good idea! That way the family doesn't receive lasagna two nights in a row or a whole week of baked chicken.

In the past I would never have been able to volunteer to be the one in charge of scheduling meals because I'm not always available during the day to answer emails promptly. Now if the need arises for me to follow in my mother's footsteps I am glad to know about this free website. It even emails you a reminder a couple of days before your scheduled date. Wouldn't it be nice if I could get an email every day before dinner time, "You are scheduled to make BBQ Chicken for your hubby tonight. Get going!"


  1. Thank you for your kind words about TakeThemAMeal.com. I'm planning to post this on our Facebook page later today.

    Our goal is that the web site would be very easy to use. Your words were encouraging.

    Thanks again.


  2. That's really cool. I'm glad you shared that. we are always taking meals at our church with pregancies and so on. I'll have to let the women who coordinate everything know about the website.


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