Skinnies for Spring

Many years ago when Bryant and I were first married, some friends of ours invited us over for the evening. They pulled out several games, one of which the object of the game was to guess the word your teammate was trying to describe. I don't remember the actual name of the game. (Some of you gamers would probably know).

One of the cards I drew seemed too easy. I thought Bryant and I would definitely be able to get through several of these words in the time allotted.

Time Started.
I began describing the first word, "When I go shopping and find a really good deal..."
Empty look on Bryant's face.
"You know, when I go to the store and get a GOOD DEAL!"
Empty glare.
"Okay, you go shopping and find a great price..."
At this point I'm thinking Bryant must be terrible at this game.
Bryant has no idea what I'm saying.
Time's Up.

I emphatically yell, "A BARGAIN!"
Bryant laughs, "You've never gone bargain shopping in your life!"

My first four words, when I go shopping, completely through him off. So in my attempt to show my husband I am quite capable of finding a bargain, here is the scoop on my latest purchase.

Amanda, my lovely sis and personal stylist, recommended some skinny jeans she found at Target! I admit I was skeptical at first, but hey, she's the fashionista. When I tried them on, I was pretty impressed! They are soft and lightweight, which will be great for spring, and very comfortable. They have a pretty low rise, but don't fit as tight as other skinny jeans. With a price tag of $19.99, I decided to give them a try. They are only $15.99 online.

Xhileration Juniors Skinny Denim - Ebony

They remind me of these J Brand Jeans for $158.00

I think you could call that a bargain! And in case I've inspired anyone to grab these skinnies for spring, this sizing chart may help you. I'm not used to buying jeans sizes 1-17 (target sizing), but I figured it out. Here ya go.
1 = size 24
3 = 25
5 = 26
7 = 27
9 = 28
11 = 29
13 = 30
15 = 31
17 = 32


  1. I'm going to get them tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!I really needed (wanted) another pair of dark wash skinny jeans that didn't break the budget :)

  2. Let me know how you like them!

  3. O wow! That's a great look alike jean. And I'm cracking up at the thought of "Bargain" not being part of Bryant's vocabulary for you=)

  4. Affordable fashion is looking better all the time!


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