I Won!

I won my first giveaway from a blog! Check out the post Sublime at Bakerella. I've never seen so many different kinds of doughnuts! Leave it to Bakerella to find such creative treats. She also gives fabulous giveaways and I can't believe I won out of almost 6,000 entries!

I won this Swarovski Pink Tea Party Donut Pendant. It's inspired by the Mad Hatter's tea party in Alice in Wonderland. I love tea parties! Isn't it yummy?
It is pretty ironic that I won. Sunday afternoon Bryant and I were on the way to get a cupcake and we were discussing the cupcake craze. I had read an article that a couple of local bakers in San Antonio feel the cupcake fad will phase out in time. They compared it to the former bagel and doughnut crazes. Bryant said there was never a doughnut craze, to which I strongly disagreed. He said he would have remembered it - I said I remembered it quite well. We agreed to disagree. Fast forward to Sunday evening when I pulled out the computer and the first blog post I read was... all about doughnuts.

Thanks to Bakerella, I don't think Bryant will be forgetting about doughnuts anytime soon, especially the pink, crystal sprinkled ones.


  1. I entered to win too!! I actually went back to check the post, and I read through your comment, never realizing it was you. How fun!!!


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