Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Won!

I won my first giveaway from a blog! Check out the post Sublime at Bakerella. I've never seen so many different kinds of doughnuts! Leave it to Bakerella to find such creative treats. She also gives fabulous giveaways and I can't believe I won out of almost 6,000 entries!

I won this Swarovski Pink Tea Party Donut Pendant. It's inspired by the Mad Hatter's tea party in Alice in Wonderland. I love tea parties! Isn't it yummy?
It is pretty ironic that I won. Sunday afternoon Bryant and I were on the way to get a cupcake and we were discussing the cupcake craze. I had read an article that a couple of local bakers in San Antonio feel the cupcake fad will phase out in time. They compared it to the former bagel and doughnut crazes. Bryant said there was never a doughnut craze, to which I strongly disagreed. He said he would have remembered it - I said I remembered it quite well. We agreed to disagree. Fast forward to Sunday evening when I pulled out the computer and the first blog post I read was... all about doughnuts.

Thanks to Bakerella, I don't think Bryant will be forgetting about doughnuts anytime soon, especially the pink, crystal sprinkled ones.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Look Up!

I just finished reading Deuteronomy. I almost didn't want it to end because I knew what was coming at the end of the book. The death of Moses must have been a huge test in the life of the Israelites. They were about to go to battle on the other side of the Jordan River to claim the land that God had promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but without the leader they had grown to respect and trust.

The last thing that Moses did before he died was pronounce a blessing on the Israelites. I love what he says in Deuteronomy 33:26,

"There is no one like the God of Jeshurun (Israel),
who rides on the heavens to help you
and on the clouds in his majesty."

Can't you see Him? Riding on the heavens to help Israel. Giving them victory over their enemies. Look up, for your victory is in Jesus!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ten Reasons to Love Texas

1. Cowboy Boots!
2. A never ending supply of Mexican food.

3. Shopping, shopping and more shopping!

4. Conservative values. Strong tea parties across the state.

5. BIG trucks everywhere you look.

6. Lots of land for everyone. I think I'm going to move to Texas and get a "ranch".

7. Great weather and tons of outdoor recreation.

8. You don't have to register your firearms. Bryant loves this since it's not the government's business how many guns you have.

9. Southern Hospitality.

10. Proud and supportive of the military.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Skinnies for Spring

Many years ago when Bryant and I were first married, some friends of ours invited us over for the evening. They pulled out several games, one of which the object of the game was to guess the word your teammate was trying to describe. I don't remember the actual name of the game. (Some of you gamers would probably know).

One of the cards I drew seemed too easy. I thought Bryant and I would definitely be able to get through several of these words in the time allotted.

Time Started.
I began describing the first word, "When I go shopping and find a really good deal..."
Empty look on Bryant's face.
"You know, when I go to the store and get a GOOD DEAL!"
Empty glare.
"Okay, you go shopping and find a great price..."
At this point I'm thinking Bryant must be terrible at this game.
Bryant has no idea what I'm saying.
Time's Up.

I emphatically yell, "A BARGAIN!"
Bryant laughs, "You've never gone bargain shopping in your life!"

My first four words, when I go shopping, completely through him off. So in my attempt to show my husband I am quite capable of finding a bargain, here is the scoop on my latest purchase.

Amanda, my lovely sis and personal stylist, recommended some skinny jeans she found at Target! I admit I was skeptical at first, but hey, she's the fashionista. When I tried them on, I was pretty impressed! They are soft and lightweight, which will be great for spring, and very comfortable. They have a pretty low rise, but don't fit as tight as other skinny jeans. With a price tag of $19.99, I decided to give them a try. They are only $15.99 online.

Xhileration Juniors Skinny Denim - Ebony

They remind me of these J Brand Jeans for $158.00

I think you could call that a bargain! And in case I've inspired anyone to grab these skinnies for spring, this sizing chart may help you. I'm not used to buying jeans sizes 1-17 (target sizing), but I figured it out. Here ya go.
1 = size 24
3 = 25
5 = 26
7 = 27
9 = 28
11 = 29
13 = 30
15 = 31
17 = 32

Friday, March 19, 2010

Compare Much?

Don't you love it when you run across a verse that you have never seen before? Last year I read through the New Testament, so I know I have read this verse before. But I have never "seen" it before. All women should memorize 2 Corinthians 10:12.

"For we dare not class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who commend themselves. But they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise." (NKJV)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Blog

Yes, you are at the right place. The Langleys haven't gone too far but we have moved. We like it over here and hope you will too.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Take Them a Meal

I've watched my mom over the years send out many emails for her Bible Fellowship class at church. Besides sending out a weekly email with prayer requests, she will also coordinate meals or flowers from time to time for those families who have experienced a sudden illness or recent death in the family. And quite an administrative task it is to coordinate all the details that go into taking someone a meal. Your inbox becomes bombarded with replies and questions - who, when, what time, and where do I drop it off?

Our Bible Fellowship group mostly takes meals to new parents but is also taking meals to a dear friend who is battling cancer right now. But instead of the usual back and forth emails, the meal coordinator set up the schedule online at Take Them a Meal is a free online site that removes all of the busy work for the coordinator. Instructions, directions and even food allergies can be included on the website for all to see when signing up.

This is actually the second website I've used for taking a meal, but I liked the layout of the meal schedule on this site the best. It shows the name of the person taking a meal, a contact number and what they plan to bring. What a good idea! That way the family doesn't receive lasagna two nights in a row or a whole week of baked chicken.

In the past I would never have been able to volunteer to be the one in charge of scheduling meals because I'm not always available during the day to answer emails promptly. Now if the need arises for me to follow in my mother's footsteps I am glad to know about this free website. It even emails you a reminder a couple of days before your scheduled date. Wouldn't it be nice if I could get an email every day before dinner time, "You are scheduled to make BBQ Chicken for your hubby tonight. Get going!"

Saturday, March 6, 2010

You Know When...

You know you are married to a pilot when...

1. You get a text first thing in the morning that says, "Hey we diverted into Turkey. Call u later. xo" and you think nothing about it.
2. When your phone rings, you start sprinting across the house to answer it.
3. You always answer calls even if the caller ID says, "Blocked" or "Unknown".
4. Your attic is filled with suitcases, duffle bags, overnight bags and backpacks.
5. You never commit to any plans more than a few days out.
6. Others assume you are a student or have a night job when they see you out bumming it with your hubby during the work week.
7. You get asked often if you are scared.
8. You have a love-hate relationship with Skype.
9. You rarely fight or bicker with your spouse because frankly, there's just no time for it.
10. You say more hellos and goodbyes then anyone you know.

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