It's Official!

Bryant emailed me this picture today. I smiled really big when I opened it. He knows me far too well.


  1. uh oh that store is beyond addictive!

  2. I was at Saddle Creek today and saw the inside. The girl at Janie and Jack said it may be March when it opens. Yay! You might've already known that. . .o by the way, when I saw Bryant's profile pop up on the newsfeed during the doppel ganger week, I thought it was really him. I had to click on his page to see that it wasn't! Like twins!

  3. Oh my goodness... first Panera, now Anthropologie... :-) So excited!

    ps--Haven't see you in a while! Hope you are well! We need to get a board game night or night out planned sometime soon! :-)

  4. Katharine, I totally agree!
    Lee, we were out of town for a wedding and everyone was telling us that Bryant looked like James Bond in his tux. So, I just had to put that picture on his FB.

    Hey Sherrill, we should get together for another game night. I had a great time at your house. Have you started any decorating projects lately? Your house was so cute...


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