Fire On Demand

I love hanging out in our new den, especially when Bryant makes a fire for us to enjoy. We moved into our new house right before winter, and being the strong winter that it's been, my first memories of the house are of us cozied up by the fire.

Bryant has shown me a time or two how to start a fire. It is a process even if you know a few shortcuts. As he was packing for his trip Sunday night, he took the time to fill up our basket next to the fireplace with the perfect sized wood for handling and explained why one of the logs was covered in a yellow wrapper with the name Duraflame on the front. He then gave me a quick demonstration on how to make an instant fire while he was out of town by positioning the firelog front side down, wrapper and all, in the middle of the fireplace grate, and lighting both ends.

And it worked great! In the few minutes it took to put the lighter up and grab a drink from the kitchen, the initial flames turned into a roaring fire! I snapped a picture with my iPhone to show you.

What a sweetheart my hubby is and such perfect timing! Monday afternoon, I came down with a terrible sore throat which has since progressed to this sinus infection/viral "thing" that I hear can last up to 2 or 3 weeks. Ugh! Thankfully, the last few nights I have stayed warm due to my husband's thoughtfulness and Duraflame's fantastic invention!

How to start a fire when your husband's away and you're not feeling like much of a girl scout:

1. Place the Duraflame firelog in the center of your fireplace grate, with the two red arrows facing down.
2. Place a piece of dry wood parallel to the Duraflame firelog, one in front and one behind.
3. Light the two designated areas on the Duraflame firelog.
4. Place a third piece of dry wood diagonal to the three logs.
5. Grab a drink, snuggle on the couch, and enjoy a 4 hour fire!

WARNING: Intended only for wood-burning fireplaces. Do not attempt in a gas-burning fireplace!

I used the Duraflame Xtra 6lb Firelog, sold in a box of 6.


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