Saturday, February 27, 2010

Birmingham Bites

Whenever my mom and I go out of town, we love finding a local bakery that serves yummy cupcakes. Since these are work trips, we like to reward ourselves and it helps make the ride back home more bearable.

This time work took us to Birmingham and instead of our usual find we discovered a local favorite. Jana recommended the Baby Bites at Pastry Art Bake Shoppe in Homewood, just 5 minutes from downtown Birmingham. Unlike cupcakes, Baby Bites are small cakes with icing all over them. They reminded me of a modern petit four. And they were amazing! The cake was so moist and the frosting was some of the best I've ever had. At $1.25 a piece, they are quite expensive, but these Birmingham Bites are just too cute to pass up.

I texted Bryant this picture during the ride home. Too bad all 6 didn't make it to Memphis.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Casual Observer

Quotes don't usually stick with me that often. I've been thinking of this one all week.

"Go hard after God.
He doesn't give
to the
casual observer."
-Iva May

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Official!

Bryant emailed me this picture today. I smiled really big when I opened it. He knows me far too well.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yesterday, I stopped in to see my sister at work. I hadn't seen her in quite awhile. After just a short visit, she informed me that I did not look like myself. Immediately my suspicions from earlier that morning were confirmed that my newly adopted haircare regimen was a bust.

Today, I visited a teacher who works at an inner-city school. She was reading a very large book on behavioral intervention. For the next 15 minutes, we had a very interesting conversation on the challenges of the classroom.

There are small interventions and there are big interventions. We intervene because we care, whether it's a small thing or a big thing. And who knows if that small thing might have turned into something big?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Love My Lion

Bryant and I spent the weekend in Pickwick on the Young Adults Marriage Retreat with Steve and Donna. It was such a nice time to get to know our pastor and his wife more and to listen to them share their heart on marriage and family.

Donna only spoke a few minutes Saturday on personalities, but B and I discussed it the entire ride home this morning. We reflected for quite some time on the similarities and differences between our personalities. We even named each family member on both sides and tried to determine what their dominant traits were. This wasn't the first time we have talked about personalities, but it was the first time we've heard each temperament explained with names of animals.

In Gary Smalley and John Trent's, The Two Sides of Love, the 4 temperaments include the Lion, Beaver, Otter and Golden Retriever. Obviously these names refer to the Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine and Phlegmatic personalities. But I have so many negative connotations of these terms, that I was eager to trade them in for more lovable language. For example, who doesn't love a Golden Retriever?

It seems that many married couples have at least one similar temperament even if it is their secondary or tertiary trait. Bryant is a Lion -> Golden Retriever -> Otter and I am a Beaver -> Lion -> Otter. At first glance, one might say we are mostly alike because we are both "Lions", but I think we are more similiar as "Otters" because of where it ranks as our #3. Otters are optimistic, friendly and mix easily. We both have these similar qualities. However, our Lion characteristics are very different.

Being a Lion, Bryant is strong willed, adventurous and takes charge. I am also strong willed, but as a Beaver I am scheduled and enjoy instructions (meaning I am not the first one to take charge). Since B is also part Golden Retriever, he is calm, non-demanding and adaptable. All the things I am not! But he has very little Beaver in him, so he says my detailed self complements him very well!

We also had some laughs as we came across phrases such as "Bad Beaver" and "Retriever Beaver". "Bad Beaver" refers to some of my tendencies that are not so desirable (in my mind) as being a perfectionist and very analytical. But through this study we can see how wonderfully God has paired the two of us. There is no other personality that would work so well with my Beaver -> Lion than a Lion -> Retriever. Where I can be so uptight, B is there to teach me to calm down. When I get caught up in details, he steps in and shows me the big picture. When my independence and self-reliance roars up, because he is stronger he can lead me.

Today I celebrate my marriage - and my Lion Retriever. Never again will I think of Bryant's personality as Choleric -> Phlegmatic. And I won't wonder in times of frenzy why my dominant trait had to be Melancholic. I will seek the Lord as to how He wants to use my qualities for His glory and let His Spirit soften the traits that don't reflect Him. Our personalities will not change, but our perspective can.

If you and your Valentine would like to take the Personality Inventory, click here.

Monday, February 8, 2010

John Brooks

My sweet friend, Heather, met her little boy this past Friday. And I have yet to meet him! I was so sad I couldn't go up to the hospital to welcome sweet Brooks in person.

Heather sent me this picture today of Brooks hanging out in the hospital. He has to get better before we can meet too! Brooks has pneumonia and will be staying in the NICU for several more days before he can go home. I am just dying to meet him!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Fresh Start

January is known for being the month to start something new, and thanks to Sephora's LashStash Mascara Sampler, my sister and I will be trying a new mascara for the next 10 months. After all, we love mascara and what better way to try some of Sephora's most popular mascaras then with 10 adorable mini-sized tubes that can't help but make us smile.

We thought it would be fun to pick the same mascara each month so we could talk about what we liked and didn't like about the formula. For January, we chose Fresh's Supernova Mascara.

Here's what the BOX said: Supernova Mascara creates dramatic, diva-worthy lashes in just one coat. The ultra-black, glossy formula thickens, extends, and curls lashes.

Here's what WE said: Supernova definitely extended and curled our lashes. It felt very clean, but the formula was very thin. In order to have diva-worthy lashes, it took several coats. And I am a one-coat mascara kind of girl. A mascara that costs $25 should give me the results I want after one coat. I did notice that Fresh had the smallest container out of the entire sampler box. I'm afraid it was too small and we might have had better results with the regular sized mascara.

PURCHASE OR PASS: I'm afraid it's a PASS for both of us; there just wasn't enough drama.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fire On Demand

I love hanging out in our new den, especially when Bryant makes a fire for us to enjoy. We moved into our new house right before winter, and being the strong winter that it's been, my first memories of the house are of us cozied up by the fire.

Bryant has shown me a time or two how to start a fire. It is a process even if you know a few shortcuts. As he was packing for his trip Sunday night, he took the time to fill up our basket next to the fireplace with the perfect sized wood for handling and explained why one of the logs was covered in a yellow wrapper with the name Duraflame on the front. He then gave me a quick demonstration on how to make an instant fire while he was out of town by positioning the firelog front side down, wrapper and all, in the middle of the fireplace grate, and lighting both ends.

And it worked great! In the few minutes it took to put the lighter up and grab a drink from the kitchen, the initial flames turned into a roaring fire! I snapped a picture with my iPhone to show you.

What a sweetheart my hubby is and such perfect timing! Monday afternoon, I came down with a terrible sore throat which has since progressed to this sinus infection/viral "thing" that I hear can last up to 2 or 3 weeks. Ugh! Thankfully, the last few nights I have stayed warm due to my husband's thoughtfulness and Duraflame's fantastic invention!

How to start a fire when your husband's away and you're not feeling like much of a girl scout:

1. Place the Duraflame firelog in the center of your fireplace grate, with the two red arrows facing down.
2. Place a piece of dry wood parallel to the Duraflame firelog, one in front and one behind.
3. Light the two designated areas on the Duraflame firelog.
4. Place a third piece of dry wood diagonal to the three logs.
5. Grab a drink, snuggle on the couch, and enjoy a 4 hour fire!

WARNING: Intended only for wood-burning fireplaces. Do not attempt in a gas-burning fireplace!

I used the Duraflame Xtra 6lb Firelog, sold in a box of 6.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Mushroom Comes to Memphis

Sunday afternoon, Bryant and I enjoyed the drive back home from Clarksdale, MS. It was like driving through a winter wonderland with all the beautiful trees covered in icicles.

We arrived around 2:00 p.m. and wanted to grab lunch before heading home. We stopped at the new Mellow Mushroom in Germantown at the Shops of Forest Hill. Of course, it was packed because of the ice storm. Everyone had the same idea to get out and grab a bite to eat. Bryant had a pizza and I built my own salad which consisted of choosing a type of lettuce (romaine), veggies (sun-dried tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers), and protein (BBQ chicken). It was delicious! I'm so excited that I have yet another place to get yummy salads!

The atmosphere is fun and family-oriented and I'm sure it will be very busy for quite some time. I believe the restaurant will do great at its new location.

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