Situational Awareness

Bryant makes me laugh. Not because he can tell a good joke, but by the way he can assess a situation. He points things out that I would never say, and all I can do is laugh because of the obvious truth of the matter.

Just the other night I was trying to get caught up on housework and Bryant happened to walk in the laundry room as I hurled a huge pile of laundry into the washing machine.

I sighed, "You know, laundry is just one of those things that you can't get behind on."

He replied, "Yeah, and the bad thing is you can't get ahead on it either."

In all the years of doing laundry, I had never thought of it that way.


  1. HA! Well, as a pessimist who is constantly behind on the laundry, I am always bemoaning to Josh, "I can never get on top of this laundry load!!" My goal is just never to have more than one small basket full. I abandoned the goal of having the basket empty. On the rare occasion that it IS empty, it never stays that way for more than a few hours.


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