Ten for the Twenties

I'm waiting up another 20 minutes or so before Bryant will be home. Seems appropriate since midnight will officially be the start of my 30th birthday. A whole new decade to venture into; feels monumental and worthy of a little late night reflection.

Let's see what a Top Ten for the Twenties looks like:

10. I have traveled every year of my Twenties from the Bahamas to England to Hawaii and there is definitely no place like home.
9. I've always been a student at heart, but I have learned more in 7 years at my job than I could in a lifetime of being in the classroom.
8. It seems like I was just a baby when I got married at 22. I always wanted to have lots of time with my husband, just the two of us. 7 years of memories I wouldn't trade for the world.
7. I have lived in 7 different places in my Twenties. For a girl who doesn't like change, that's a lot of moving around. Looking forward to staying put this next decade.
6. I've had quite a few "firsts" in my Twenties. And you probably can guess my favorite by far was getting my first pet (or furkid), Miles.
5. Most of the friends I pal around with are friends God has brought into my life these last 10 years. One thing I've learned for sure is never to take a friend for granted.
4. I became "Aunt Mel" or "Aunt Missy" rather to 2 adorable nephews, Bo and Max. I prefer my nicknames to Amanda's, "Mandy no puppy."
3. I bought (and paid off) my first vehicle. Makes me feel All-American or something. Maybe the next ten I can focus on a loftier financial goal like the mortgage.
2. If I could describe the Twenties, it would be a time of transition. Time of change, preparation, and settling into. I can't imagine any other decade as extensive as this.
1. I have learned that God will move heaven and earth to keep his promises, even if it's at 11:59.


  1. what a great decade.I bet the next ten years will be filled with more firsts and monumental moments than this one! You have so much to look forward too. Happy "start of your 4th Fun-filled Decade!"
    P.S. Furkid?! that's cute! but hopefully your next one won't be so furry ;)

  2. That was so good! You have always had a perceptive way of putting things. Happy Birthday!


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