The Popcorn Effect

These last two weeks we have been busy working on the house and the biggest project to date has been having our ceilings smoothed. Spraying the ceilings is an easy way to hide any imperfections, making the popcorn style ceilings a very common practice. Smoothing the ceilings involves scraping all the popcorn off and then repairing the drywall. I can't imagine having this done while living in the house. The best time to smooth the ceilings is definitely before you move in when the house is completely empty. If you wanted to give it a try while occupying the house, you could clear out one room at a time and clean up before you start on the next room, but I would not recommend it. We heard it was a messy project, but that was quite an understatement. I had no idea how much dust and drywall would accumulate in the entire house.

The entire first day was spent laying down plastic and paper to cover all the floors, stairs and ceiling fans.

The crew started the next day scraping the upstairs and took about 4-5 days to finish the whole house. When we went to check on their progress, I could barely breathe in the house. It was like a giant dust ball.

Even though this layer of debris was on top of the plastic, there was still a good bit of mess that managed to get around the plastic. After the crew finished "cleaning up," Bryant and I realized our cleaning up was just beginning. The ceilings look great though and are ready to be painted.

We spent the entire past weekend vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. After mopping the downstairs three times, I started to feel like it was somewhat under control. I'm not going to worry about the lack of sparkle in those tile floors just yet since we found MORE wallpaper that must come down before we begin painting.


  1. Wow!! That is some serious business.

    So you found more wallpaper even after the wallpaper in the shower?

  2. Yes! The next day Bryant took all the light switches down to get ready for the painters and that's how he noticed the peeling around the outlets. The entire kitchen has paper, an accent wall in the den (?), and the guest bathroom. We didn't notice it in the kitchen because they had floated the seams.

  3. what?! did you find more wallpaper after I left!! you have got to be kidding?! Funny and FRUSTRATING.


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