Let There Be Light

After Alex and his crew finished smoothing our ceilings, Bryant spent a couple of days plus part of last weekend installing recessed lighting throughout the house. One of the things that we really liked when we first saw this house was the amount of natural light that was present throughout the house. Our last house had a ton of windows so that was definitely a key factor for us when we were house hunting.

Since we had to remove all of the light fixtures in the house to prepare for painting, we thought it would be an ideal time to update some fixtures and replace others with recessed lighting. Bryant took down every light so the painters could paint underneath them.

Here is a picture after Bryant installed 2 can lights: one at the top of the stairs and one in the hallway.

Bryant installed 13 can lights in all - 9 of those replaced existing lights and 4 of those were areas he added new wiring. Two of those newly wired lights were added in the den which now gives us a significant amount of light in the back of the room. All that time on the ladder paid off.

The additional 2 lights were added to our closet which I'm real excited about. Previously, there was just one light in the middle of the room.

Since can lights concentrate the light mostly in a downward direction, after switching out the old light for a can, the corners of the closet were still a little dark. And so I convinced Bryant to install 2 more can lights...

All that's left is to add the clothes! After paint of course...


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