What goes up must come down. Especially stringcloth wallpaper or any wallpaper from the 80's or 90's for that matter. Actually, wallpaper is in right now, just not the kind that was hanging in the house we bought. We did close on the 21st of last month and took possession on the 23rd, the day Bryant left for a trip. I took advantage of this last week that Bryant was out of town and got several quotes for the house.

I was told taking down wallpaper yourself can be quite a lengthy project. Since we have quite a bit we would like to do before the move-in date, I went ahead and hired a professional. Our guy did a great job and was finished in just a day and a half. He took down the paper in our living room, entry hall, upstairs hallway, half bath, and dining room. I didn't even realize there was wallpaper in the dining room since the previous owners painted over it. I'm glad my mom pointed that out to me; I hadn't even noticed the seams on the wall. It would have been inconvenient to have to call Andy (the wallpaper guy) out a second time.

Bryant and I went this afternoon to see our empty house for the first time together. The walls are spackled and ready to be painted. Now if we could only decide on the paint colors...


  1. I think I know who you used. What was his last name? He is a friend of my cousin, if he's who I think he is.

  2. Andy Newborn. He has a family business; his sons actually did most of the work.


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