It's been rumored for quite some time that one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie is coming to Memphis. First, there was talk of a high-end retail strip going in at Poplar and I-240 where the new Target and soon to follow Best Buy reside. Then I kept hearing that the shops at Saddle Creek was a possible future location.

This summer there was an article in the Memphis Business Journal confirming that Anthropologie is still in the horizon for Memphis and may just end up in the space that was formerly Yia Yia's. I was so sad when Yia Yia's left and can remember driving by the vacant restaurant saying something like, "What can be better than Yia Yia's?"

I would be ecstatic if this rumor finally came true. I'm sure Bryant won't quite share my enthusiasm on their moving into the neighborhood. Not only do they have adorable clothes, but a charming home section as well. In fact, I'm hoping to see their colorful measuring spoons in my stocking this year. I saw them at the Nashville store this summer.

Mod Measuring Set


  1. WHAT?!I love anthropologie! I hope it does come to saddle creek. That would be awesome.
    when we are in Ohio we alwasy go to an amazing place called easton. it is this really big mall with all kinds of wonderful shops. They have a Tiffanys, Crate and Barrel, Smith and Hawkin and it's so big that I didn't find out they had an Anthropologie until about the fourth or fifth time we went there. I discovered it in August when we were there for Pop's funeral.
    I must show you my Green Glass door knob
    and the cabinet hardware I bought there.
    Nobody appreciated my fabulous finds like you would :) Sean and his sister were like uh, why are you so excited about this store? I was like if you don't get it....then you just won't get it! So just let me be excited!

  2. oh,and I loved my birthday gifts from anthropolgie:)

  3. Glad you liked your gifts :) I can't wait to see your Green Glass door knob and cabinet hardware!

  4. I would LOVE it if they came to Memphis. I hate paying for shipping!


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