Wednesday morning Bryant left on a 7 day trip after being home for almost the entire summer. Feeling a little out of sorts since my man just left, I decided to get out and run a couple of errands. My mom had given me a coupon for Vera Bradley so I decided to stop by the store in Saddle Creek. Now Mrs. Bradley has a serious business going for herself. No matter where I go, someone somewhere will have a Vera on her shoulder. You can't miss her bright, colorful patterns that come in about every shape and size.

Well, I was in luck since she just launched her 3 new fall patterns. I ended up leaving the store with a smile on my face and a new makeup bag in tow. That's all it took. A $21 bag and I've been happy ever since. Actually it only cost me $1. FYI: If you give them your birthday digits in the store, they will mail you a $20 off coupon (my mom just got hers for September and gave it to me).

Here's a pic of my new Symphony in Hue Medium Cosmetic that will replace my last year's Yellow Bird.


  1. love it! Thanks for the tip. . .maybe they'll give me a coupon even though September is almost over!

  2. thanks! Happy Birthday weekend!


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