I Heart Advantage Multi

I recently had a conversation with our vet about heartworm prevention and lack thereof. He told me a good friend of his just found out her dog has heartworms. Very sad. What's also sad is she religiously gave her dog the #1 brand of heartworm prevention medicine, Heartgard. That's what I give Miles every month and I'm sure many other folks give their furry little friend the same thing. That was what was recommended to me by both vets that I've taken Miles to.

We now go to the Collierville Pet Hospital on Byhalia and Poplar and they are recommending Advantage Multi instead of Heartgard. Advantage Multi is a topical heartworm and flea treatment in one. They are finding the topical solution works much better than the chewable tablets offered by Heartgard. The Heartgard website warns the chewable tablet must be completely chewed and not swallowed. Well, if I had known that I could have guessed it probably wasn't working for Miles since he inhales his treats. At least I can switch Miles over while he is still young. No matter how old your canine friend is, it's not too late to make a switch. It's probably even more important as they get older to have the best protection.

So next month will be our first time to try out Advantage Multi. It will be nice to have only one treatment to keep up with, and even nicer to think it might actually be doing it's job. After all, I want to make sure we guard that heart.


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