The Power of a Praying Wife

Although this book has been out for awhile, I just read Stormie Omartian's, The Power of a Praying Wife, and highly recommend it. If you're thinking the title may be sappy and and a bit cliché, this is not the case with the material. Not that praying for your husband is ever sappy, but then again not all Bible studies are created equal.

Omartian speaks in a simple, practical way that is refreshing and uncomplicated. The study is divided into 30 short chapters, each titled with a specific issue in which to pray over your husband such as "His Work," "His Purpose," and "His Faith." In each chapter, Stormie shares personal stories from her marriage, a great deal of Scripture, and a straightforward perspective on life and relationships.

I like her honesty as she writes the first sentence in "His Fears" chapter: "There are many things in this world to be afraid of; only a fool would say otherwise." In addition to honesty, I enjoyed Stormie's definitions. In "His Integrity," she explains the concept as, " a level of morality below which you never fall, no matter what's happening around you. It's a high standard of honesty, truthfulness, decency, and honor that is never breached."

Not only was I praying God's Word over my husband during this study, I was also praying these words over my own life. Stormie advises, "You can't afford not to make this investment in yourself, your health, and your future." That is what God's Word is for our lives, an investment. Jeremiah 31:17 says, "There is hope in your future."


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