Lucky 13

Well, thirteen's unlucky reputation didn't seem to rub off on our house hunting. After moving out of our house on August 13, and only having thirteen days to do so, it only took an additional thirteen days for us to find a new house! On August 26, this past Wednesday, we put an offer on a house and it was accepted! I was not expecting to find something so quickly, but the Lord led us to this particular house. We almost didn't even go look at it since I wasn't crazy about the online pictures. But seeing the house in person, obviously made all the difference. My dad kept telling us to look at as many houses as we could because the more houses we look at will help us to know when we've found the right one.

And it happened just like he said. The moment we walked in the front door it felt like home. I dared not say it out loud until we saw the house in its entirety. We had already seen a few of those where the first half of the house is looking pretty good and then you go around the corner or up the stairs and then you both sigh followed by a "hmmm..." Our realtor told us, "when you walk into a house and you can't find anything wrong with it; you buy the house." That doesn't mean the house is perfect and there's nothing you wouldn't change in it, but rather that the house has good bones and more importantly, has the things that you personally want in a house.

We have prayed about the house God has for us for quite some time and we know it is not luck that we are moving forward with this one, but God's guidance. We close on September 21 and anticipate the move-in date around mid-October. We have a few things we want to do before we move in like paint and smooth the popcorn ceilings. This week we will have the house inspected and the appraisal will be soon to follow. This just might be our future home, if the Lord wills.


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