Internet Puppy

When I was deciding what kind of puppy I wanted, there were 3 criteria I used in making my decision:

1. I wanted an indoor dog. The thought of an outdoor dog makes me picture a large dog that roams the backyard and spend his nights in the wild outdoors. That sounded much too sad.
2. I needed a hypoallergenic pup. I can spend time with my canine friends but since I am allergic to them, we could never cohabitate.
3. It had to have the cutest face I had ever seen.

It didn’t take long for me to decide on the Maltipoo breed. The Maltese and Poodle are both hypoallergenic due to the fact they have hair not fur. Maltipoos don’t shed which was another plus. I had become more aware of these designer pooches thanks to pictures in celebrity magazines of the celebs out and around town with their furry friends in tow. Or should I say “hairy” friend. After seeing Penny, an adorable chocolate Maltipoo belonging to Blake Lively, I was quite smitten. My search for a chocolate brown Matipoo had begun.

Quite the search it turned out to be after learning 99% of Maltipoos are white. After our local search came up empty, Bryant suggested looking on the internet. PuppyFind had the largest selection of Maltipoos although no chocolate puppies were to be found there either. I thought what could be better than chocolate? I soon found out as I opened an email from Bryant and saw this adorable creature looking at me with cinnamon highlights and black tips on his ears. It was puppy love at first sight. I had to have him right away and even paid extra to get him from Michigan to Memphis on the weekend flight. Miles flew on American Airlines and arrived on Super Bowl Sunday 2008. Although he looks more like a platinum blond now, I tell him to this day how happy I am I found him on the internet.

Here are a couple pictures of our first night with Miles. He was 12 weeks old when we picked him up at the airport.


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