Independence Day

Independence Day is a day of celebration in our country. A day to celebrate with food, fun, games and fireworks. This July 4th was bittersweet for me. Yes, it was sweet that we celebrated another year of independence as a nation. Bitter in that I wondered for the first time how long will we be able to keep our republic form of government? We forget that our nation is a young nation at only 233 years old! We have slowly been moving away from the principles and values that our country was founded on. Lately the direction our nation is headed and the speed at which we are arriving is just enough to take the sweet out of celebration.

My sister and her husband and my two nephews spent the holiday with us. We managed to have lots of laughs with the boys around despite our grim political discussions. Here are a few pictures of the boys taking a bubble bath - a sweet moment for sure!


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