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Sunday I went to a design workshop at Ethan Allen located on Germantown Pkwy. Their team of designers gave us a tour around the store and explained how to put more color, pattern and texture into our personal space. One of the designers, Eric, brought up an interesting point about the order in which to go about styling a room. He said the #1 mistake his clients make is to paint before the furniture and fabric are picked out. Since painting is the simplest step in the design process and has the broadest spectrum of color to choose from, save it for last. Start with your area rug, choose upholstered pieces second, then finish with paint. I can relate after spending many hours in search for a 9' x 12' rug for our living area. Since the contents of the room had been predetermined, my options were very limited. Trying to choose the perfect rug after the entire room is finished... hope you're up for a challenge. If choosing a rug is not your first priority, at least acknowledge its significance in the room and work it alongside the furniture and case goods.

Ethan Allen divides their showroom into 7 different lifestyles from Country House to Glamour. While it's hard not to love the entire floor, check out their online quiz to see which style defines you most.


  1. Wow, I could have really used that painting advice back in 2008 when we first moved here. I got overly eager and painted the kitchen and living room before I had the furniture. I am getting used to it, but still think it is too bold at certain times of day.


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