Monday, July 27, 2009

Beach House

I never understood why folks in Memphis had vacation homes, and personally never wanted one.

1. I never liked the idea of having to make my own bed on holiday and wash my own towels.
2. Traveling to different beaches always seemed more appealing. Going to the same place over and over sounded monotonous.
3. Besides, what fabulous destination could you drive to from Memphis in a reasonable amount of time?

Well after spending several days in Destin last week, I threw my "no vacation home" policy out the window. I had forgotten what a beauty that immaculate white sandy beach is. It rivals many other beaches in more prestigious places. We have gone on our fair share of beach vacations from Miami Beach to Laguna Beach to Waikiki Beach, and I am loving the beach at Destin. In fact, I heard it is one of the top ten beaches in the country.

Maybe because I'm growing up and life requires a faster pace and since I greatly value convenience, I can now appreciate the attraction of a beach house. With just the two of us, Bryant and I don't want to put even a little effort into our vacations. We prefer no effort. That is why we went back to Oahu this year instead of trying a different island. We want to eventually visit the Big Island and Maui together, but with Bryant being so familiar with Waikiki, it was just easier. (He flies to Hawaii often with his job). With the increasing hassle of flying commercial, I can see how an 8 hour car ride makes more sense for a family than an 8 hour flight.

As for my earlier objection to washing those towels, I think I can handle it. I hear an ocean view helps time go by faster when you are folding towels. Now that I understand the practicality of having a vacation home, the only thing left to do is get a piggy bank.

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