Apricot Poodle

Four or five months after Miles came to live with us, we took him to an obedience class to learn basic commands and good behavior. Our vet recommended Dog Woods, located on Germantown Road. They were easy to work with and overall we were pleased with the progress he made there. One week I couldn't make it to class so Bryant and Miles were on their own. Of course, I heard a gleaming report on how he did. Since I wasn't there, Miles had decided to show off. (By the way, I definitely agree with the obedience trainer in Marley & Me who said, "a dog can only have one master.") The little guy behaved perfectly since Bryant was the one asking.

Bryant wasn't the only one who thought Miles did well that day. The trainer kept saying how the "apricot Poodle" was doing great and the "apricot Poodle" has it down. We had never heard him called that before, but the name sure did stick. We now call him "apricot Poodle" as one of his nicknames, and Miles is not without his fair share of pet names (pun intended). I guess we think he's so cute the nicknames should be just as cute.

Here's some of the names we call him or that others have called him before: cutie, cutie patootie, button, button nose (Bo), bear, bunny (Mandy), puppy (Nancy), fafa (Max), stinker, angel, devil, lion, owl (Sean), Lucifer (FedEx guy), Milo (neighbors), and Milesy.


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