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Nashville Spring Break Trip

{Cheekwood Botanical Gardens}
Ever since our spring break trip to Nashville three months ago, it feels like we've been going non-stop.   What was supposed to be a nice getaway started with a scary trip to the emergency room.  Thankfully everything was okay and Sienna left with a tiny cut on her chin.  The Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt was amazing and I'm thankful our first (and hopefully last) emergency room visit went as smoothly as it did.  
The next day at Cheekwood in Bloom helped to get our minds off the ER visit - we saw live bunnies, colorful tulips, and lunched at the Pineapple Room.  We spent our second day at the Nashville Zoo.  I was disappointed that the elephants have been transferred to the Elephant Sanctuary because that was my favorite exhibit from our visit in 2015.  However, the plan is to add several new exhibits by the end of this year so a visit in 2018 should have more to offer.  
We finished our spring break trip with a girly lunch at the Americ…

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